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Spirituality means different things to different people and it changes across the world. A few common themes amongst these different views are: there is a power greater than oneself, that all things natural are connected and there are ways to find meaning and inner peace.

Spirituality is also something that is used to describe practices that people undertake to live what is called a spiritual life. These include meditation, prayer, rituals of worship, and in more ordinary ways, nothing to do with organized religion, are things we do that bring peace such as gardening, biking, singing, swimming or plain-old sitting still and taking a breath.

Still, organized religion can play an important role in some of our lives.  Some of us grow up in religious communities where we have found meaning and purpose.  Some queer people have created organized religious communities of other queer and queer-friendly people who practice their faith in ways that honour who they are.  Others choose to practice their faith as part of communities for which they have always belonged, while finding ways to make sense of any negative messages they may receive about who they are as queer people.  Regardless, organized religion does play an important role in some men’s lives as a source of identity, culture, family, community, ritual, and spiritual support.

Whether we are a spiritual person or not, it's hard to deny that there is something about each of us that's unique from everyone else. And that uniqueness is just one of the things we have to share with others and have to build and grow from. Some of us feel very connected to our uniqueness, our goals, our beliefs, and our ideals. Some of us know what those values are, but don't quite know how to make them come to be. Many of us are often misunderstood by others. How do we nurture and care for others, and how do we want to be nurtured and cared for?

Let's start sharing what makes us unique, what we have to offer our communities, and how we want to feel valued and cared for. There are many reasons we might want to be part of something bigger than ourselves: let's explore those reasons and talk about where to go from here. 

As this website continues to develop, be sure to check back for more articles, resources and blogs by queer men near and far. This is our agenda, our place to foster a conversation, share ideas, resources, learn from each other and build a strong community network.


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