Hey there! How are you doing?
How are things going with your love life? Work? Family? Friends? And sex... what about sex? We all juggle and deal with a lot in our lives. Sometimes it's easy; other times it can be more challenging.

This wheel is a fun and fast tool that will reflect back a snapshot of your life, at this moment.

To get ready, I encourage you to take the time to really think about each section, the questions asked, and be honest with how you feel. Keep in mind, every section of the wheel represents a part of your life, is connected, and can influence your overall picture.

Once you've gone through all ten sections, the wheel will highlight each area of your life. Take a look and see what parts of your life you're happy with and those you may want to explore a bit more.

We're all working towards finding balance in life. This wheel is a great way to check in with how you're feeling about all the different parts of your life. It may help you understand why you're feeling the way you do; and consider options that lead to new possibilities.
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