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As gay guys, it seems that we learn a lot about sexual pleasure and sexual health from each other or online through websites or pornography.   Incredibly, the education system still isn’t prepared to provide us with sexual health information that is relevant to us and to the sex we have. 

So, what is sexual health?

HIV tests. STI Clinics. Counseling. Risk reduction. Sex with condoms. Sex without condoms. These are just some of the things we may think about when we think about sexual health.  It can be something we prefer to avoid because it always seems to be about negative things.  But what about the positive things that make up our sexual health as well?  The pleasure.  The joy.  A really good orgasm.  A really hot date with a sexy guy we like.  A threesome that went well.  A fuck pile in the bathhouse. A first kiss.  These things also make up our sexual health.  After all, isn’t this why we have sex in the first place?

In the end, our sexual health is about avoiding and treating infections and about getting pleasure, joy, release, and connection with other guys. It's about sharing our bodies, our fantasies, and our lives.  

In the end, if we are having sex we might be exposed to a sexually transmitted infection (gonorrhea, syphilis) or HIV. Rather than panic about it, we might want to take some time to review and freshen up on the basics. HIV and HIV prevention has changed a lot in the past few years and there is a lot of new information to take in.  There are ways we can reduce the chances of getting HIV/STIs, and reduce the chances of passing them on. 

We all do things to manage our sexual health. Some of us get tested every year, or even more often. Others use condoms when having sex - every time. Some of us learn the symptoms of STIs so we can act quickly when they happen. 

When we have a lot going on in our lives, we may not have HIV or STIs as the number one thing on our minds.  Taking the time to understand the sex we want, the potential risks involved, and having a plan for our sexual health can make a real difference and help us enjoy the sex we are having.

Let's celebrate what we're doing right, and share ideas with each other about what works for us.

As this website continues to develop, be sure to check back for more articles, resources and blogs by queer men near and far. This is our agenda, our place to foster a conversation, share ideas, resources, learn from each other and build a strong community network.


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