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Primed: The Back Pocket Guide For Trans Men & The Men Who Dig Them (newly revised edition coming soon) is the first sexual health resource written by and for gay, bi and queer trans men. Based on an Ontario-wide assessment of the sexual health needs of gay, bi and queer trans men, Primed prioritizes the diverse bodies, desires, and sexualities of gay, bi, and queer transmen. This resource will spark discussion about the many ways that transmen have sex and how we interact with our gay/queer men's communities.

Topics covered in the guide include: disclosure, cruising, safer sex and harm reduction, STIs and hepatitis A, B and C, and transmen and pregnancy:

Pulled from the article “HIV prevention and trans people – what the Trans PULSE Project can tell us” by Scott Anderson, CATIE published spring 2014…

Do we know how many trans people are living with HIV in Canada?
There is also no data on how many trans people are living with HIV in Canada. National HIV testing data do not include trans people as a distinct category. For this reason it is very difficult to create a picture of how HIV affects trans people in Canada.

What makes trans people vulnerable to HIV?
Many trans people experience discrimination because of their gender identity or expression. This type of discrimination is also called transphobia and may include verbal abuse and physical or sexual assault. Trans people may also experience barriers to employment, housing and medical care due to discrimination. Experiences of discrimination and barriers to the necessities of life – like income, housing and health care – can lead to mental health, relationship and body issues that can make trans people vulnerable to HIV. For example, a trans person who has experienced verbal or physical abuse for being trans may begin to believe they don’t have value, and this can impact their ability to negotiate safer sex practices.

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