Feeling Good

I think we can agree that it’s amazing when we feel good about ourselves, our whole selves. Feeling good, happy, confident and proud of our bodies, our minds, our sex, our friends, lovers and families is important – yet sometimes difficult to achieve or maintain.

Here are some KEY factors for positive mental health (feeling good), according to the Canadian Mental Health Association:

  1. Support from family and friends
  2. Supportive workplaces and neighbourhoods
  3. Community connections
  4. Being proud of who we are as gays


This is interesting:
One British study (The Open University, 2014) found that its LGBQ participants were more generally positive about and happier with the quality of their relationship and the relationship which they have with their partner than its heterosexual participants.

Looking for some tips to build your happiness and good feelings? Might we (Psychology Today) suggest?

  1. Be with others who make you smile
  2. Hold on to your values
  3. Accept the good
  4. Imagine the best
  5. Do things you love
  6. Find purpose
  7. Listen to your heart
  8. Push yourself, not others
  9. Be open to change
  10. Bask in the simple pleasures


Have you read the July 23, 2014 Our Agenda blog by Jaime Wood entitled: “It's Time We Stop Bullying Ourselves Over Not Being Enough”

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