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Welcome aboard guys! 

This is probably the first time you’ve visited the Our Agenda website.  We’re so excited to go live.  We’ve been working very hard to build a campaign for our community that speaks to our needs and desires.

The Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance has asked gay, bisexual, trans and two spirit men as well as staff from AIDS services organizations across Ontario what they want MOST out of a website.  Here are some of the things they said to describe that perfect site:

  • Dynamic
  • Informative
  • Relevant
  • Inclusive
  • Up-to-date
  • Engaging
  • Participatory
  • Reflective
  • Sex positive


That’s quite the list, and rightfully so.  We hope to deliver - this article is an overview of what you can find inside.  We urge you to keep coming back, maybe even share it with your friends and sex partners…


Aside from being filled with key information and resources that talk about how we feel and how we f@#k, this website will offer you the chance to be curious, to participate, speak up and be heard.  


You will find a short video filmed on May 25 in Cawthra Park, behind the 519 Community Centre (Toronto) in front of the historic AIDS memorial.  This touching video shows the heart of our campaign straight from the lips of many different guys.  Share the video, help it go viral and enjoy!

Wellness Wheel:

This is a special tool we built to draw you into the site and make a connection between how you’re feeling today and the information we have located inside.  The wellness wheel is a tool that you may or may not want to use – only an option.  The purpose behind this tool is to provide a “bird’s eye view” of how you may be feeling in-the-moment and paint a picture about what’s really great in your life now, and, what you may want to pay more attention to.  Tools like this can help us focus on ourselves, reflect.  Watch out for another blog written all about the wonders of a wellness wheel.

Resource Portal:

This part of the new website will house all (sexual/mental health) information in one place – isn’t that handy?  Coming soon, will be embedded with a GPS (global positing service) that allows you to find information/services relevant to your general area, no matter if you’re in London, Thunder Bay, Ottawa or the Church-Wellesley village.

Our blog:

As mentioned, our new website is all about encouraging dialogue in our communities about the very stuff that’s on our minds.  We will be inviting many different guys to share their ideas and experiences about what it means to be gay/queer identified in today’s world in a thought provoking and informed way. 

The “stage”:

This is a section of the website that will house other videos (created by us and others) as well as presentations, webinars, etc.  We’ve made sure to use software that will allow you to watch our content on all your Smartphones and tablets too!

Social Media: will be connected to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo.  This allows you to follow us, stay informed, and share our content with your own social/sexual networks.  This is a great way to include everybody in the dialogue.  

Questions & Answers:

We’ve all got them; burning questions that we sometimes don’t know how to ask OR where to ask them - jump on board and send us your thoughts, whether it’s a question you’ve had for a while or a response to something you see on our videos, in our presentations or an authors blog.

As you can see this website IS dynamic.  We hope it responds to your sexual, social, and emotional health needs.  We hope you continue to use in your daily life in a way the responds to however you are feeling – good or bad.  We all have ups and downs – this campaign and website responds to just that.  It’s also a campaign that attempts to show you just HOW AMAZING each and every one of you are regardless of where you live, your HIV status OR how you identify.  We are gay, bi, trans and two spirit men (positive and negative) that deserve the best out of our minds, bodies and communities.

Jump in and enjoy yourselves, you sexy beasts….

Daniel Pugh works for the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance of Ontario as the Knowledge, Transfer Exchange Coordinator and lives in Toronto.  Daniel will begin his Master’s in Social Work at the University of Toronto this coming September – he is excited to incorporate his work in gay men’s health into his graduate studies.  He is very excited about the new campaign.








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