Partying (or not) at Pride - Part 1

By Nick Boyce, June 27, 2013

This is the first of a three part Pride related series by the fabulous Nick Boyce.  In these three blogs Nick reminds us about what to consider when partying during Pride in Ontario. These posts will include tips, updates and helpful party considerations.

Pride 2013 is here! Pride can be a time to catch up with old friends, make some new ones, hook-up with fuck buddies or new tricks, dance all day or all night, let loose and get our party on. Some of us prefer to avoid it all and maybe even get the hell out of town!

Either way, Pride can be a lot of fun. But for some it can also be stressful; there can be pressure to hit the right social events, get to the best parties, take your shirt off, spend money, drink or do drugs… Maybe we want to. Maybe we don’t. Maybe we’re not sure. We may feel anxious, unsure, lonely, or stressed out. 

If this is your 1st, 14th, or 40th Pride, do what feels right for you and respect each others’ choices. Whether we have sex or not, whether we drink, do drugs, or choose to stay sober, we can support each other - sober, tipsy or otherwise.

There will be booze and drugs at parties, and even on the street, but we don’t all partake. If you don’t drink or do drugs, or you’re not feeling it this year, but you still want to be in the heart of the (Toronto) gay village, there is a safe, sober space, at Paul Kane Parkette during the weekend of June 28-30.

If you’re going to be drinking or doing drugs but have friends that aren’t, how about a non-boozy brunch hanging out together, before you get the party started? 

If you’re drinking but want to drink less than your friends think you are, read these “8 Tips For Drinking Less Without Your Friends Knowing!” If you’re boozing, snorting powders, or popping pills, check out these basic Safer Party Tips. It never hurts to read up about what you’re taking, so check these websites for some no nonsense, accurate drug information and safer using advice: and

If you really want to learn your stuff, or are curious about some of the emerging or newer drugs, here’s a really good resource:

Remember not to share your coughs and colds while snorting drugs - use your own straw if possible (grab a couple from a fast food place!). If you’re thinking of, or going to be, injecting drugs, check out harm reduction/needle syringe services in your community here: find it here!

Party or no party, have a good time this Pride. Live a good life. Look out for yourself and each other. XO

Nick Boyce has played and worked in and around various nightclub and party scenes for the last 15 years. He currently educates social and healthcare professionals about drug use and harm reduction. Unfortunately, his recovery time from late nights sometimes takes longer than it used to.




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